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Suit and Tie

... a formal affair

By Mehar Nijjar, Reporter

Last Saturday, on November 18th, the sophomore leadership class put on a fall formal in the small gym from 8:30 to 11:00 P.M. With a theme of Suit and Tie, students arrived in their most elegant apparel along with dates and/or friends. The sophomore leadership class worked with dedication to make the night a success. Sophomore leadership student, Shubhpreet Bal, said that, “The students are what make formal such a huge success because they made the atmosphere close and enjoyable.” The event coordinators were thrilled to see over 300 tickets being sold as students of all grades and programs attended including freshmen, seniors, IB students, and CP students. For this reason, formal can be seen as the perfect event for students to go outside of their friend circle and interact with new people.

Promotion of formal including the efforts of students in all grades. They publicized with posters and fliers all over campus as well as through the school social media platforms including Twitter and Snapchat. The day before ticket sale deadlines, the boys in the leadership class wore small and tight-fitted t-shirts with a tuxedo design on them. Not only was this amusing, but it actually worked to encourage more people to attend.

Water and Pub Mix were served while students danced the night away. Lavish decorations included ceiling drapes, a fairy-tale entrance, and a chandelier, creating a fanciful atmosphere for people to enjoy. A DJ played upbeat music that vibrated in the whole gym, buzzing excitement and energy in each individual. All in all, the fall formal event was a success and students look forward to more dances throughout the year.

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