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Just Dance!

2018 Winter Homecoming Sophomore Class Hallway

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Just Dance!

By Breanna Donnelly, Reporter

This most recent week, January 16th – January 19th, Modesto High School was in the midst of its Winter Homecoming. In order to celebrate homecoming, Modesto High School’s Leadership Class decorates the hallway every morning. This year’s overarching homecoming theme, which dictates the sub-themes of the hallways, was video games. The sophomores selected ‘Just Dance’ to be their class theme. Sophomore leadership put a lot of work into making the hallway work, and function.

The hallway included spirit posters, encouraging Modesto High School’s basketball team for the game against the Enoch’s Eagles on Friday; that also included clever wordplay on the game as well. The Sophomore’s main focus as centerpieces and sidepieces in the hallway, were mock speakers. They also used balloons, and decorated the hallway much like how a dance party is set up; such that it fit their specific theme.

Overall, the hallway that the Sophomore leadership class set up, was extremely spirited, and well decorated. The students put a lot of effort into making the hallway a fun and really danced their hearts out in this process. As said by Eden Hazlwood, sophomore, “Our [class] hallway was amazing, and I felt as if I stepped inside the game.” It is a sure thing, that the sophomore hallway did not fail this year.

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Just Dance!