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Winter Homecoming – A Freshman’s Perspective

By Sarah Rinne, Reporter

11Modesto High’s annual basketball Winter Homecoming was January 16-19 this year. Throughout the week, the ASB Leadership class worked hard to promote the big game and make Homecoming memorable. Each day the week, a different class decorated the main hallway to correlate with their theme. Also, right before the varsity basketball game, each class displayed a float while performing a skit to hype up the crowd.

As a freshman in leadership, I was shocked to see how much work is put into those four days. Over two months beforehand, our class would frequently get together outside of school to make posters and decorations to prepare for our hallway and float. Each person in leadership dedicated around 30 hours of their free-time in order to make their creations the best that they could be. It almost seems crazy to spend so much time on something that doesn’t last for very long, but to see the outcome of all of the hard work put into everything is worth it.

This homecoming, the theme was “Video Games” and the freshmen had Wii Sports. A few of us were disappointed that we had Wii Sports as our theme because it was a difficult category to work with at times. We found it hard to find creative ways to make decorations for our theme. In the end though, we were very satisfied and proud of the work we got done. Our work really paid off, as we placed second overall behind the seniors.

Although it may have been stressful at times, putting on Winter Homecoming was so much fun and it was an experience that I will never forget.


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Winter Homecoming – A Freshman’s Perspective