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Student Spotlight: Thavie Keary

By Lauren Byerly, Reporter

Thavie Keary is a Junior at Modesto High. She is in the International Baccalaureate program, Academic Decathlon, and Mock Trial at Mohi. Outside of school she is the Vice President of Community Youth Connection, a youth-led group which she describes as “a cool, neat, nifty group of teens who do things like donate to children in need, help out, and donate water bottles to the homeless in the summer.”

PC: Thavie Keary
A photo Thavie submitted of herself for this article

When asked for her advice on how to be a good friend Thavie said, “listen to people no matter how much you don’t want to, no matter if you agree with them or not” and adds that it is important to remember to”make sure you see where they’re coming from.” This can be a dangerous pitfall where you take on too much of someone else’s burdens though, and Thavie is aware of this. She doesn’t advise completely empathizing 100% of the time, “you don’t need to take on their emotions, but consider where they’re coming from.” Even if they frustrate you, the core of her advice is to be there for and listen to those who need help. She feels strongly that, “its good to be there for somebody.”

When asked for her advice on how to be personally positive, she said, “A lot of it comes from being the person you wanted, but never had” while she realizes that, “that sounds pretty terrible” she reflects that she has moved on past that time in her life, where she had difficulty making friends in Junior High. Those few years were a rough time for her, but she thinks it has had it’s upsides, especially helping her develop her viewpoint on life. “I spent a lot of time doing things that I liked and reflecting on why I liked things and why I didn’t like things.” She was not necessarily considering the nature of life during these periods of reflection either, but focusing on the finer details around her, “Sometimes I’d just be sitting there watching grass grow and it made me appreciate the little things in life a lot more even after that stage.”

One example of one of these moments of appreciation for her surroundings was observing of some of her friends talking and laughing after a 9th period IB class, “There was a group of track kids in front of me after TOK and despite the fact that it was so late everyone had so much energy and they were just like pushing each other and messing around”. She recalled that she “almost cried because thats what I like to see, like thats what friendship is and regardless of how hard our days are we just kind of have… its all in the little things and its kinda nice to be able to look back on those.” These sort of sentiments are what endear her to her classmates and friends and truly make her an integral part of the fabric of Modesto High.

She does admit that, “I actually don’t see myself as very positive.” This may be due to the fact that a person’s own internal monologue can be much different than what they express outwardly, and Thavie has always uplifted those around her with the support and guidance she provides, even if her own thoughts about other subjects may be less uplifting.

Thavie also has done weekly photo round ups on twitter in the past, which started with an idea she had for a project in Freshman year. That idea became a collection of candid photos of her friends which she posted on twitter. She noted that people seemed to appreciate them a lot, thanking her and even posting them elsewhere and making them their twitter profile photos. Here are some  of these photos:

PC: Thavie KearyPC: Thavie KearyPC: Thavie KearyPC: Thavie Keary

Overall, Thavie Keary is a wonderful student at Modesto High who works to uplift those around her and emphasize that it is important to appreciate the details of this life that we all live. We are all bettered by her spirit and willingness to support her friends and teach others how to pass on that support and spread it to their communities and loved ones.

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Lauren Byerly, Reporter

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Student Spotlight: Thavie Keary