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Quarter 1 End

By Lauren Byerly, Reporter

So once again, the end of the quarter has rolled around: grades have come out, stress has set in. Many students are worried about their grades and some may think that there is no way to raise them to where they want them to be, whether thats 5% or 20%!

We here at the Mohi Panther Press are here to prove the exact opposite to you through these key points:


This semester ends in May, meaning everyone has 2 1/2 months to raise grades! Anything can happen in that time, so no need to worry about having the ability but not the time to make the wanted changes.


There are so many resources at Modesto High for help with homework and tutoring, including the AVID center and Northern Lights. These are great places to look for tutoring on homework or future tests! All one needs to do is pop in during lunch or after school and bring the assignment or material they need help with. Plus, if it’s a short little assignment, friends who are good at that particular subject can help as well.

Frame of Mind:

Its important to keep a positive frame of mind throughout this process: remember that anything is possible! Studies have shown that with a positive mindset and a vision of success, people are much more likely to succeed than if they envision failure. In that case they are more likely to fail. So, try and look forward to a future where goals are met. This increases the chances of actually meeting those set goals. Of course, this method does not mean that if one thinks about getting an A on a test, one will indeed get an A. However, studying combined with thinking positively can have it’s benefits.

In conclusion, don’t stress about this quarter. Time, resources, and frame of mind will help in crossing the finish line. Just keep on pushing through.

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Lauren Byerly, Reporter

Lauren Byerly is a Senior who has been a part of the International Baccalaureate Program since Freshman year. She has been involved with the Cross Country...

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Quarter 1 End