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A Path Appears

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A Path Appears

By Alex Phaing, Reporter

It’s the start of another year, and if you’re an IB Junior, well, you’ve got a lot on your plate. At the beginning of your IB journey you have to write some IAs (Internal Assessments), think about which subjects you want to test in and CAS, or community service. The acronym CAS stands for Creativity, Activity and Service. CAS is a big commitment and determines whether full IB diploma candidates receive will their diplomas. Luckily, by this point, the juniors have gone through A Path Appears, an annual event were IB students learn all about CAS here at MHS.

On Tuesday, August 21st, 2018, all juniors who are enrolled IB English class were excused from a full school day to attend this event. Led by 17 IB Seniors, the Juniors were guided through the entire CAS process, learning the nuts and bolts. The paperwork was explained, and the students are given an idea of what counts as an experience.

Overall, the event seemed to be a major success. “Without a doubt, the A Path Appears event was a success because of the stellar group of [hardworking] seniors who executed the objectives with style and finesse” says Ms. Pereira who if the CAS coordinator and advisor for this event. She also stressed that of all the times this event has occurred, this group of seniors is the strongest by far and that the event gets better and better as the years go by.

“I feel it went really well and I’m proud of [the team] for putting it on. And we worked hard and we did it!”, says Tess Kara. Tess was one of the co-leaders of the event. The team has been working towards this since the end of last school year and they had multiple meetings throughout the summer to prepare. It was a very special day for those involved.

But what about the Juniors? How did they feel about the event? Jeremy Kwon says, “I felt happy, [hung] out with my friends, learned about CAS. I’m ready for my CAS adventure.” Jeremy is ready and that’s exactly what A Path Appears was designed to do – get the juniors ready. “A Path Appears was a very interesting. I learned what to expect in the next two years. I was nerve [wracked] at first, but I learned the information needed to do CAS”, says Sayna Pouv. CAS is a very important aspect of the IB program. It helps the student grow and acquire awareness of the needs of the community. It gets the student ready to be internationally minded and college ready. Plus, who doesn’t want an extra kick for those college apps?

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A Path Appears