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Freshman Perspective

By Rana Banankhah, Reporter

Imagine walking into a foreign environment, flooded with thousands of complete strangers, and scouring around trying find to a single classroom in the midst of hundreds. This was the reality for many freshmen on their first day of high school, August thirteenth. “My first day at MoHi was very confusing. My schedule was a lot of walking and I got lost easily,” says Richard Zheng. This was a struggle many freshmen faced on their first day, but it was also something many overcame with only a few days of school. Richard later went on to point out the guidance and assistance each of his teachers provided him when he needed it. “Overall, MoHi is great, I just need to get used to the campus.”

Many freshmen also met new people on their first day, as the majority of incoming students are from different schools and cities. Freshman Divya Katyal expressed that she, “enjoyed meeting the people that I would be spending the next four years with.” She also commented on the population density of the school, mentioning the initial, overwhelming crowdedness during passing period.

Keigan Collins recounts her first day in dance, her now-favorite class, “I liked dance because it was different from regular classes and I was able to meet many new people. Everything from the enthusiasm the teacher displayed to the routines themselves made it my favorite class.” Some students preferred their academic classes, such as math and science. Marycruz Caballero said her favorite class was math because she enjoys solving problems and appreciates the quiet and serene environment. All in all, many freshmen now seem to feel at home at Modesto High, despite the differences in school population, layout, and schedule.


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Rana Banankhah, Reporter

Rana Banankhah is currently a freshman in the International Baccalaureate program at Modesto High School. In eighth grade, she actively participated in...

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