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Ask Alexa: Freshman Friends

By Alexa, Reporter

Alexa, I’m a Freshman and I transferred from another district, how do I make friends here?

– Anonymous

Hello Anon!

Firstly, it’s important for you to know that you’re not alone. Tons of Freshman arrive at Modesto High not knowing too many people, or not knowing any people in their classes. Every other Freshman is just as nervous and worried about making friends as you are. I arrived at Modesto High with one friend, as not many kids from my Middle School came to Mohi. My first friends were the other kids in my group in first period.

If you’re unsure of how to make friends with the other kids in your classes, know that the answer is simple: reach out! Get people’s snapchats, instagrams, twitter handles, or whatever you want! Connecting on social media is a great way to forge friendships. Even better, start talking to them in class (when the teacher isn’t teaching, of course). When you sit down, introduce yourself. Ask how your fellow classmates’ days have been, find common interests! Remember, everyone is just as anxious as you and they’ll appreciate your kindness and willingness to break the ice.

There’s a variety of ways to make friends outside of class too! Joining clubs and sports is another easy way to make friends. Freshman year, I made friends through the Cross Country team, and many of those people are still my friends to this day! Common activities are the perfect way to start a conversation, and when you and another student both play a sport you already have something in common that you can talk about!

I hope this advice helps, Anon! Best of luck with your friend search!

PC: Sabrina


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Ask Alexa: Freshman Friends