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Musician of the Month – Marianne Arriola

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Musician of the Month – Marianne Arriola

By Derek Tang, Reporter

The music program carries plenty of challenges that come with joining the class. Whether it is band or orchestra, each programs have its merits. For this month we are recognizing Marianne Arriola as the musician of the month for her skill as a violinist and leadership in the orchestra.

On top of being a senior student in the International Baccalaureate program, Marianne is the first chair violinist, concert mistress, and the president of the Modesto High Orchestra – all of which are positions that require immense responsibly and the qualities of a leader. In addition, she is ambitious and plans to continue her musical career by joining a college orchestra after graduating this year.

For most people, a violin may seem like just a slab of wood and four strings that makes sounds – in truth, it is a challenge. When I asked her about the difficulty of mastering the violinist, she told me, “Although looks may deceive, the violin is no simple instrument. It takes an insane amount of precision and focus.” This is especially apparent in musical pieces which follow a rapid tempo and include tricky rhythms and notes. For this reason, she has dedicated herself to playing the violin and to push musical abilities. After all, having playing in a concert demands good musicians. Unfortunately, one of her biggest challenges is finding the time to practice but she still finds comfort in knowing that the band room is always available.

One of her most rewarding experiences was being recognized as concert mistress by the audience during one of Modesto High’s concerts. She described the experience and stated, “[It] will always be one of my most treasured memories because it is a firm reminder of how hard I worked to finally achieve my goals as a musician.” Furthermore, she would like to advise her peers to practice constantly and never become discouraged by failure. Playing music is rewarding and you never know where it can take you. Ultimately, Marianne Arriola demonstrates how setting goals and having a strong resolve are both key to finding success in life.


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Musician of the Month – Marianne Arriola