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Ask Alexa – Costume Conundrum

By Lauren Byerly, Reporter

Hello Alexa!

Halloween is coming up soon, and I have no idea what I should be. Any advice on how to pick a costume?

– Anon

Hello Anon!

There’s tons of ways you could pick a costume! If you’re going for something thats less effort, I would recommend going to a halloween store or party city and grabbing one of the costumes they sell! They’re generally cheap and you won’t have to assemble anything yourself, beside any makeup you might want to do.

If you’re going for a more original costume, I would recommend picking one of two routes: characters, or spooky. If you want to be a specific character for halloween, but can’t pick one, I would suggest that you think about your favorite shows/movies and pick the character that you look the most like! That way the costume won’t be as much effort.

If you want to go for a scarier costume, I would go on google and look up other looks that you might be able to imitate! It’ll probably require makeup, and if you don’t have the type of supplies that you might need, talk to a friend and see if they have it!

Hope this helps!


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Ask Alexa – Costume Conundrum