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By Chandara Tep, Reporter

March 10, 2018

Filed under Opinion

This week someone has asked one of the most popular questions among children, "Is Santa real?" The answer is yes, but only if you believe in the spirit of who he truly was. Long ago before he was know as Santa he was a man known as Nicholas. When he was young his parents died and left him a large amount...

The Gift of Giving

The Gift of Giving

By Mehar Nijjar, reporter

January 27, 2018

Filed under Feature, Showcase

This past Christmas, Modesto High's Random Acts of Kindness club held a Teddy Bear Drive for foster children. Unfortunately, it is during this festive time of year that many children suffer family issues and displacement from home to home and guardian to guardian. In many cases, a stuffed toy is the...

Book Review: The Truth About Santa

Book Review: The Truth About Santa

By Alex Hunn, Website Editor and Reporter

December 1, 2014

Filed under A&E, Review

Author Gregory Mone reveals the just how Santa delivers gifts to children on Christmas Eve ─ with the use of futuristic technology.

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