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Student of the Week – Zoie Alstad

By Sarah Rinne, Reporter

This week,  Freshman Zoie Alstad is the student of the week. Alongside her twin sister Alena, Zoie is a very talented dancer and performer.

Zoie has been dancing for 11 years. She got into dancing because her mom wanted her to try something that she had never done before. Zoie then grew to love dancing. She currently dances with the Central West Ballet in Modesto and also takes dance class at Modesto High School with Mrs. Coito. Her favorite part about dancing is the feeling that she gets when she dances. She also loves how her dancing can make those watching her feel different emotions depending on how she dances.

Zoie’s favorite memory is when she performed in Modesto’s Performing Arts production of the musical Billy Elliot. Through Billy Elliot, Zoie got to experience a whole different type of dance performance than what she was used to. She learned a lot about performing and made unforgettable memories.

As an IB student, Zoie is also hardworking academically. Currently, Zoie’s favorite subject in school is science. She has always been interested in learning and understanding about how and why things work the way they do. In her future, Zoie would love to go into a career that involves science.


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