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The Volleyball Victory

Last weekend, Modesto High Varsity Volleyball players were excused from later classes in order to attend a two-day tournament in Madera, California, lasting Friday and throughout the day Saturday.  The first day was against teams of varying magnitudes – some easily beaten, others putting up a fight.  There were teams that had grand passers, setters, or hitters, jumping up and reaching over the net with long verticals and clean lines.  We have those players too… latent abilities that are built upon with the help and encouragement of coaches and teammates.  But we are driven by the goal to grow, persist, and achieve, inspired by the spirit of the school of the “loudest and the proudest.” 

Going into the championship game, the players were nervously analyzing the movements of the opponent’s plays.  In the championship game, MoHi fought a rough battle against Madera High School – a school embraced by common grounds and numerous supporters that came to witness the final game of the tournament.  MoHi held a strong lead during the first game of the set, and then monumentally fell behind during the second.  Adrenaline coursing and anxiety persisted by an eagerness to win, the girls took the final game 15-13.  We won… a crowd of supporters flushed the court with cheers and squeals of excitement.  All chanting the new Modesto High Volleyball cheer.  Mrs. Harris accounts the victory stating, “The weekend was amazing!  The best part was that we did not play to our maximum potential.  Something was always a bit off and we still won 8-0 the entire weekend.  These 11 girls have NO idea of what they are capable of.  When they figure it out, they will be unstoppable!  I love being their coach!”  It is thanks to Coach Harris and Coach Freeman that the girls are ready to take on league.  Lets go MoHi!




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The Volleyball Victory