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Do Animals Have A Sixth Sense?

Ask Chandara No.6

By Chandara Tep, Reporter

This week another anonymous reader has submitted the question, “Do animals have a sixth sense?” Unlike previous question, I did not have any knowledge on this topic at all. To help answer this question, I did not search for answers through the internet. Instead, I went ahead and interviewed some animals I happened to come across. Most notably my dogs, a stray cat, a pet snake, and some fish from the classroom eighty-six. Unfortunately, when asked this question the animals did not respond and many of them ended up running away. From the gathered information, I can conclude that animals do not have a sixth sense. I do however believe they have a set of stronger senses than we do. Dogs for example have a sense of smell and hearing that is largely greater than ours, but what else could they be hiding. A question to all the pet owners out there, do you really know your pet? I mean you don’t spend every waking moment with them, so what do they do while you’re away. Whenever you leave, they could be living a secret life.  Maybe they could be a secret agent or secretly turning your house into a hidden pet club or casino. You’re probably reading this and thinking, “this guy is an idiot” or “he’s lost his mind.”  This may be true, but you can’t really be sure that your pet doesn’t have a secret.

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Do Animals Have A Sixth Sense?