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49ers First Win

By Rohin Walia, Reporter

After losing nine straight games, the San Francisco 49ers have finally won their first game. The San Francisco 49ers beat the New York Giants who have only one game this season. The New York Giants received high expectations for the season but their top two wide receivers: Brandon Marshall and Odell Beckham Jr. got injured. Since then the Giants faves suffered. To make matters worse, a football player on the Giants released an anonymous letter saying that the head coach has no control of the locker room. The Niners have recently traded a draft pick for Jimmy Garoppolo a quarterback from the New England Patriots. Still, rookie quarterback CJ Beathard started for the 49ers and finally led the team to their first victory. The Niners extended their lead when CJ Beathard threw an eight three-yard touchdown to Marquise Goodwin. When Marquise Goodwin entered the end zone, he pointed up to the sky and kneeled. At the end of the game, Goodwin announced that his newborn son died due to complications during birth. Thi explains his actions in the end zone. In the locker game, the Niners celebrated as if they won the Super Bowl even though they have only just won their first game.

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49ers First Win