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America Gobbles up Turkey for Thanksgiving

Turkey Mass Murder this week for Thanksgiving

Benjamin Franklin, perhaps one of the most interesting men in history, was once a firm believer that the turkey, should be our nation’s bird. This of course did not pass through, such as we are known by the bald eagle that the founding fathers decided upon. Franklin believed that turkeys are the true personification of the Americans, because they were imported from Europe to America, and grew a large standing there. However, the turkey soon became a popular main dish for New England Thanksgivings, and soon the whole country’s Thanksgivings. But what ever happened to the sense of respect for these creatures?

Many people believe that eating these turkeys is completely okay, however there is a large controversy around the mass annual slaughter of turkeys during the autumn months. They are crowded into pens where they are poorly ventilated, and crowded in with other turkeys, and then, they are overfed, until they are dead. Many people against animal cruelty are completely against this inhumane treatment of turkeys, however they are still massively consumed. Especially during this time of year when the amount of consumed turkey has an extremely large raise.

Though as said by sophomore Lilah Capp, “I don’t have any issues with eating thousands and thousands of turkeys.” This is because she says, that is you are okay with eating meat, then you are okay with eating turkey, and she went on to say that world is not going to become vegetarian anytime soon. This is a very good argument, however the main problem that people have with the large mass consumption turkeys, is the way in which that they are raised in order for the world to eat and consume.

Many people find different substitutes for eating turkey on Thanksgiving, as a way to per say “advocate” for turkeys rights. For example, some eat chicken instead when they celebrate. Others eat tofu, and some just don’t have any meat, or meat substitutes at all.

This is the large Turkey Massacre of Thanksgiving, and the controversy that surrounds it. Many people have different stances on this argument. What is yours?

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America Gobbles up Turkey for Thanksgiving