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Almond Blossom Festival

By Breanna Donnelly, Reporter

Every year, Ripon hosts their annual Almond Blossom Festival. During this time, the farmers of the town celebrate their immense crops, full of almonds. Meanwhile others of the town, are excited to celebrate other things, such as the parade and the festival. Perhaps one of the most exciting times of the year for the town, is when the Almond Blossom Festival arrives because with it, comes the fair. This year at the fair, Ripon had a larger selection of rides than usual. These rides included; the Zipper, the Typhoon, a Ferris Wheel, Zero Gravity, the swings, the Tornado, a carousel, berries that spun like the popular Tea Cup ride, race cars, the Tango, a kiddie coaster (which was extremely dangerous might I add), bumper cars, and two dropper rides: one for children, and one for older people. I personally went on all of these rides, give or take one or two, and I found them extremely fun. Other attractions that were present at the fair, were three obstacle courses and lots of food. Most of the food was in fact deep fried. Such as deep fried Oreo’s and burritos. I myself did not eat any of the food, but I have heard from my fellow peers that it was very good.

Overall the Almond Blossom Festival was a very fun experience. I completely recommend attending this fair if you can. It was a definite change from the normal Friday homework, and was a very fun and relaxing experience.

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Almond Blossom Festival