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Trendsetters of Modesto High School

Our Favorite Trends

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Trendsetters of Modesto High School

By Breanna Donnelly, Reporter

The year 2018 has just recently begun, and many people have been reminiscing on some of their favorite trends in 2017, or even before then. As given with the term ‘trend’, trends fade in and out of style a lot. For example, scrunchies from the 80’s. Many people are known to hate scrunchies, but I personally find them a lot more convenient and like the trend of it myself, and they seem to have been a bit more popular recently, but what about some other trends? Many of your fellow peers at Modesto High School also have some favorite trends of their’s.

The eyebrows trend was very large just recently. From wavy, to dragon, and even to feather eyebrows. This was a trend that many did not see coming, and that many either hated or loved. Sophomore Angie Silva was one of the students who loved this trend. Silva stated, “I love the eyebrows trend because they’re so creative and cool to look at.” Others even went to say that they would actually do the eyebrow trend if they were able to. Another trend that Silva favored was the yellow trend, as she said, “I love the color yellow because I feel people really didn’t appreciate it before and now they are and it’s just such a nice, happy color.” Many people came to agree with Silva on this, and there are many people that can be seen on the internet also following the yellow trend.

Another very popular trend that happened in these past couple years, was the 100 layers challenge, which was started by SimplyNailogical on YouTube. Sophomore Lilah Capp stated, “The challenge is really old, but it was super funny and I loved it; I don’t know why but I loved it. 100 layers of liquid lipstick was one of the best ones.” Capp and many others do extremely like the 100 layers challenge trend. It went from things such as nail polish, lipstick, foundation, and even hairspray. Though the trend itself has faded off a bit, people are still making videos about it on YouTube, and it will always be in our hearts nevertheless.

Another makeup trend that many people like, is the glossy eyelids trend. It is a sharp turnaround from the matte trend that has been going around. Sophomore Kya Hilterbrand stated, “I just really like the glossy eyelids trend because of how different it is. It’s a great fashion statement, and is very beautiful too and I love it.” Even celebrities such as Kylie Jenner have come to this trend and it’s popularity.

Some students even suggested trends of their own that they would love to see. One of these trends being the “Panther Pride” trend. This trend was suggested by sophomore Jeremy Kwon who stated that, “Many people don’t have a lot of school spirit and it makes you look so much better.” Though this isn’t a trend and is just a wish, Kwon would like to see the trend of a lot more school spirit on campus.

These of course are not the only trends that exist, but they are some of your peers favorite trends. Hopefully in the future we are able to see more trends evolve or emerge, and for the students at Modesto High School to embrace them.

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Trendsetters of Modesto High School