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Ask Alexa – Room Boredom

By Lauren Byerly, Reporter

Hi Alexa! I’ve been feeling like my room is really boring lately, what can I do to decorate it and make it more interesting without spending a ton of money?

– Anon

Hello Anon!

I’ve been going through the process of making my room look better over the past few years, and I’ve found tons of ways to make it cuter without spending a lot! Heres a list of relatively cheap things you can do!

  • Buy furniture at garage sales!
    • When I bought a bookshelf for my room, I bought it for way less than the original price at a garage sale! I had to repaint it because it was a really ugly shade of green, but overall the shelf and the paint cost way less than the original shelf would have!
  • Get some plants!
    • Small plants generally don’t cost too much (they even sell them on amazon) and you can put them anywhere around your room! The only trouble I’ve had with plants is remembering to water them, but thats more of a me problem.
  • Birthday Presents!
    • When your birthday rolls around and your friends ask you want you want, tell them what you want for you room! Obviously, don’t ask for huge items, but maybe ask for a candle from bath and body works or a string of fairy lights from Target!

Hope this helps!


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Ask Alexa – Room Boredom