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Ask Alexa – Test Troubles

By Lauren Byerly, Reporter






Hey! I’ve been failing tests and having a lot of trouble with test taking recently, what can I do to study better for tests?

– Anon

Hi anon!

Studying for tests is super difficult, and also really annoying! Fortunately, there are tons of ways to study more effectively and pass them!

  • Handwrite your notes
    • I know this seems ancient because all of us are typing our notes now, but studies have proven that when you write out your notes by hand you’ll remember what you’ve written down better!
  • Review before the day before the test
    • I know this sucks, trust me, but reviewing notes and homework a few days before the night before the test works. I’ll admit that I don’t do this for all of my tests (it’s really difficult to set aside the time to study over multiple nights) but when I can I generally do better on tests than when I don’t!
  • Watch videos about the test material
    • Channels like crash course and khan academy are super helpful in reviewing for tests! They’ve got videos on every subject from science to history to english! Sometimes just watching them once without taking notes or anything can help refresh you on what you learned
  • Keep it positive
    • I know tests are scary, and they make up huge percentages of our grades, but don’t go into the test telling yourself that you’re going to fail. Keeping up a positive attitude is just as important as studying!

Hope this helps!


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Lauren Byerly, Reporter

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Ask Alexa – Test Troubles