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Word of the Week: Atelophobia

By Sabrina Mean, Reporter

When asked, “What are you most afraid of? People will answer snakes, spiders, heights, closed or opened spaces,  or even blood. But have you ever felt the fear of not doing something right or the fear of not being good enough? Well, Atelophobia can mean both of that including the fear of imperfection. When asked what the word “atelophobia” means, Estefania Diaz, a junior answered, “Ant phobia- the fear of being around ants” while another junior, Jennifer Bonilla said, “fear of people.” They are partially right and wrong but hey at least they gave it a shot!

One of the common thing for atelophobes is that they like to be perfectionists while trying to avoid possible failures. This is not a bad thing but it can lead to behavior changes due to the surrounding they grew up in. Here are five signs, if you are wondering if you have atelophobia according to Bustle: 1) You’re terrified of flaws. 2) You avoid situations where you might make mistakes. 3) You set impossible standards. 4) You’d rather do nothing than do something incorrectly. 5) You fear interferes with your life.

If you just found out you have these signs, it’s not too late to seek for professional advice. You can go see a psychotherapist to help with these problems. Two types of psychotherapy that can help with atelophobia, according to BeBrainFit are Exposure Therapy that forces patients to confront their fears in order to overcome their anxiety and Cognitive Behavior Therapy that seeks to modify negative thought patterns in order to change moods and behaviors. But if you have a personality disorder, they are usually more difficult to treat and different treatments may be needed like medication or meditation.



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Sabrina Mean, Reporter

Sabrina Mean is a reporter at the Modesto High. Although, this is her first year with the Panther Press, she is very eager to learn more about what's going...

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Word of the Week: Atelophobia