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NFL x Fortnite / E-sports?

By Diego Aguirre, reporter

Last Friday two of the biggest corporations,Fortnite and the NFL, Worked together to bring some licensed virtual items for players to rep their favorite team game. they released a total of 8 skins that come with all the teams wearing licensed NFL jerseys. They released 4 male variants and 4 female variants all having the ability to change the number or Team at anytime after purchase. This possibly open up Sports organizations to collaborate with video games companies other than epic games. The NFL worked with Fortnite after “…Many of our players are passionate about this game” Said Brian Rolapp Chief of media at NFL. The cost of the cosmetics is about 15 dollars U.S. per piece and 5 to 8 for the other additional pieces. This could be the beginning of video games becoming more of a technological sport and close the gap between super athletes and those who put hours into a different type of sport or competition, maybe video games are going to get the recognition they deserve. Bringing us to the topic of people making money for playing games on camera a more common career in our world and is know being accepted. Fortnite holds Competitions during major gaming conventions as a way as giving back to their community already giving away over 3 million dollars to our content creators and many of the best players of their game.Recently Fortnite held their Fall skirmish Grand final during Twitch-con where the two victors won a total of 400,000 dollars in the competition showing that playing the games that you love can sometimes get you money and be a viable career. This is an example of the upcoming of E sports and their popularity compared to other major sport leagues.

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NFL x Fortnite / E-sports?