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CSU and FAFSA applications

By Matthew, Reporter

That time of year is here again, and no, I’m not talking about the holidays. It’s time for this year’s seniors to start applying for CSU and FAFSA applications. Now, you might be wondering “why should I put myself through these tedious applications?”. Well, the answer is simple: For the pursuit of a higher education and the help you can receive along the wait to obtain it. CSU applications are important to help know where you stand of options for California universities and allows you to apply to the classes you want to attend. The CSU application also gives you a myriad of scholarships to apply for that will lower the price of the classes you hope to be attending in the fall of 2019. For this application, you should have all of your personal information like social security numbers and all your ACT and SAT data. Also, be sure to have your parent’s financial information along with their personal information. Finally, FAFSA is important because it provides students in need with financial benefits that makes college a bit more bearable. If your parent’s income qualifies, the government will provide loans, grants, etc, to students as they pursue higher academia. For this application, you will need to have your parents’ tax forms along with their social security codes. Of course, if you work, you’ll also need to provide your tax information and your social security code. For both of these, be sure to have a family member or someone well versed with these applications look over the form for you; it would be a shame if you lost free money because of a silly mistake.

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CSU and FAFSA applications