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Red Ribbon Week at Modesto High

By Rana Banankhah, Reporter

Stefan DeClerck was a seventeen year old California high school student planning to attend Michigan University to study computer science. He created and published numerous apps, presented a TEDx talk about computer science, played various varsity sports, and even won the state championships with his school’s lacrosse team. His future was bright and his life seemed perfect. Drugs took all of that away from him. On June 7, 2017, his life tragically ended due to an overdose on synthetic opioids. Red Ribbon week is working to end all deaths like Stefan’s. Red Ribbon week campaigns to raise awareness about tobacco, alcohol, and substance abuse. The PHAST club at Modesto High School is raising awareness at our school by informing students about the effects and realities of substance abuse. Throughout the week, the PHAST team has been avidly working to combat it. In fact, members even spent their own time after school cleaning east La Loma park of littered cigarette butts. Over the past years, the PHAST team has filled up a five gallon bucket full of littered cigarette butts. PHAST student Abby Lopez said, “It was interesting to see how many cigarette butts were littered and how the ones we collected show that we really are making a difference in our community.”


PHAST’s effort to inform Modesto High students are particularly important because high school students are more likely to be curious about drugs and can easily become addicted. This could lead to a drug addiction that they could potentially carry with them for the rest of their lives. PHAST is avidly working to prevent these young students from addiction. Freshman Nithya Medam, “It was truly empowering to know that I was helping others raise awareness about substance abuse.” Overall, the PHAST club at Modesto High is making strides at Modesto High by combating and preventing substance abuse.

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Rana Banankhah, Reporter

Rana Banankhah is currently a freshman in the International Baccalaureate program at Modesto High School. In eighth grade, she actively participated in...

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Red Ribbon Week at Modesto High