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The Emmys

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The 70th annual Emmy came in hot with their political theme and unique set of winners and losers. For the winners, we had popular programs like Game of Thrones winning a total of 9 awards, while shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, which was popular last year, didn’t have a single win. The political theme of this Emmy included the #Metoo event, emphasis on the importance of diversity, and #NotAllMen. Despite the outcry for diversity, many claimed that the Emmy lacked any diversity; there was no black winner until an hour later in the programming. There was even a bit joking about the fact that they “solved” their diversity issues. As for the #Metoo event, the Emmy lacked any real dialogue on the issue beside an occasional joke. Finally, the #NotAllMen was brought up by Hannah Gadsby, a Netflix actress who made jokes about men, what jokes are, and about being alone. Despite all the events that took place last night, the most shocking occurrence had to be when Glenn Weiss proposed to his girlfriend while he was receiving his award for being an outstanding director. Considering what has happened at previous Emmys, this wasn’t the most eventful, but there was definitely aspects worth reporting.

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Matthew Smith, Reporter

Matthew Smith is a reporter for the Mohi Panther Press and a partial IB student. Many people know him through the IB course or that fact that he recently...

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The Emmys