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Mindset Science Solutions Surveying Modesto High Students

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Mindset Science Solutions Surveying Modesto High Students

By Derek Tang, Reporter

On October 26, Dr. Jason Okonofua conducted a research study on Modesto High School students to learn their opinions and to determine how our school environment can be more welcoming to students. Some questions inquired about how others (i.e. teachers, staff, peers) perceive the survey-taker based on their racial group. Other questions asked about how students react to people who express prejudice, or unfairness, towards them. Essentially, this survey strives to find ways to ensure a peaceful school experience for minorities who may feel inclined to express anger towards the instigator. Dr. Okonofua prioritized highlighting the importance of education in Bay Area schools; students who are academically successful are generally more respected than their less successful peers. How can we do our part to ensure that struggling students receive the emotional support they need in oppressive environments? Dr. Okonofua asked survey-takers to share their advice with oncoming freshmen students with similar backgrounds as the survey-taker.

One anonymous Modesto High student said, “I think it will be helpful to allow students to share their perspective with the new students. That way, they can see our experiences in education.” On the other hand, Ciarra Bargas thought, “it was good that they wanted to know the students’ opinions but I could tell some of the questions were open to biases or just pointless.” Social research such as this survey strive to find generalizations in humans – in this case, students. Although, the process may be tedious with no clear goal, it’s still important that we contribute to the study. Hopefully, the data provided by the survey will actually be put to use in helping our district.

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Mindset Science Solutions Surveying Modesto High Students