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MoHi Freshmen basketball tryouts

By Diego Aguirre

Last week were the tryouts the Modesto High Basketball team, I will be giving you my experience trying out and some things that will happen during the tryout. On the first day there will be mostly running  as the coaches will see if you are able to keep up with there fast plays and offense I personally was unfit at the time so I was sadly cut on the second day So my Advise for trying out is to save your time and effort if you aren’t fit and willing to run at full speed for a whole hour without breaks but if you are, I would get to know the coaches and make sure you are showing your strengths because If you don’t stick out you will most likely not get picked and you will not be watched causing coaches to cut you  if you want to make the team show up conditioned and ready to run all the plays with effort and and efficiency. Adam Zeramayli says that ” it was tough and it was a competition sadly I didn’t make it but I would definitely give it a chance”. The tree things coaches look for in a basketball player is that they lead sprints and are always the first down the court the look for their basketball IQ and how well they understand the game and plays. The most important thing they for is communication and if you do not  communicate with your players and coaches it lowers chances of making it tremendously. The last thing that coaches look for is heart and they see if you play the game with a passion and is willing to do what others do not.Isaac Garza ” I made the team, it was hard but I’m happy to be apart of this wonderful program”. In conclusion go out there and try your best good luck next year.

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MoHi Freshmen basketball tryouts