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Multiplayer Videogames to Try

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Multiplayer Videogames to Try

By Derek Tang, Reporter

Videogames are a common past time enjoyed primarily by age groups up to people in their 20s. Just the case that videogames are a new concept to you, they are basically visual displays that the consumer can interact with for their own personal enjoyment. Some examples are puzzle games like Tetris or role-playing games (RPGs) like Pokémon. Due to the marketing of videogames in today’s society, the gaming community has been rapidly growing paving a way for multiplayer videogames. Single-player games are great, but I and most other people can agree that multiplayer videogames are far more rewarding to the player. For that, I will be listing several multiplayer videogame titles that are worth picking up. Since this a web story coming from a website ran by a school, I will refrain from mentioning games that may be deemed too inappropriate – Grand Theft Auto V to name one.

While the PS4 and personal computers (PC) has a variety of games one of its most popular genres are FPS, or shooting games. The Call of Duty series, Rainbow Six Siege, and CSGO comes to mind; they put players on two teams and fight against each other to complete an objective. For example, in Rainbow Six Siege, one team must infiltrate a building (i.e. house, warehouse) to defuse a bomb or save a hostage. Simon Talukder said, “I like that [I] have to communicate with the team and plan out strategies. I like to make my mark.” The gameplay is relatively simple to learn – point and shoot. However, you also need to learn how to use other tools such as grenades, cameras, etc. Be warned: if voice chat is enabled, you should brace yourself for toxic players; they tend to degrade the experience of multiplayer games by being verbally abusive to other players.

If you’re looking for a survival type horror game, then you could try Friday the 13th which involves camp counselors trying to escape from a serial killer named Jason. The entire camp is interactive and can be used to the player’s advantage (depending on whether they are playing the counselor or Jason) to hinder their opponent. Jay Rodriguez said, “I like the horror aspect and competitiveness. You have to be able to talk to your teammates and work together so everyone has a part.” The counselors can choose to either escape or kill Jason to survive – choosing the latter requires you to work together to take down the juggernaut. On the other hand, playing as Jason just means being all-powerful and catching all the players.

Monster Hunter World is an RPG which generally involves 4-player teams working together to hunt “monsters”. The monsters in the game range from dinosaurs to dragons to a living volcano. The gameplay is also customized to the players’ liking; you can choose from over 10 unique weapons to use, train a feline companion (it’s a cat that fights with you), and forge armor using materials you obtain from large, open environments. Overall, it’s a challenging game that becomes incredibly satisfying after finally hunting a large monster. Some of its cons include its sharp learning curve. It’ll take around a month to become completely fluid with the controls and the mechanics of the game. Secondly, it takes a bit of dedication. Most hunts/sessions in the game take around 20 minutes upwards to an hour.

All the games mentioned above are a bit intense compared to Nintendo games. The Nintendo Switch (videogame console) is known for its fun, colorful games that don’t focus on realistic graphics. It’s also known for its sheer number of multiplayer games in different genres. Super Mario Party, Mario Tennis Aces, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch are all competitive games that pit players against each other. Mario Kart is essentially a racing game but with the added twist of being able to disrupt your opponent’s movements with a variety of items such as banana peels, bombs, or a squid. Mario Tennis is also self-explanatory but it’s worth noting that each character has a unique playstyle. Instead of simply hitting the ball over the net, there are some special moves you can pull off to win the match. Super Mario Party is a party game as the name implies. With many game modes, players can compete with each other to gain the most stars or score the most points. The series is most notable for being board game-like with hundreds of minigames to try.

Finally, there is Super Smash Ultimate which is launching in December 7, 2018 for Switch. It’s a fighting game that includes around 70 unique characters, over a hundred stages to fight on, and hundreds of music tracks to listen to while you battle. If you aren’t familiar with the series, it basically involves racking up damage on foes and launching them off-screen. It isn’t a conventional fighting game where you have to deplete a life bar to zero. Of course, it takes time to master the controls but it can be rewarding once you get the hang of it. Similar to the Mario games mentioned above, this game is also fun to play with nearby friends or family.


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Multiplayer Videogames to Try