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Fact of the week ( Femur)

By Yaritza Mendez, Reporter

Did you know that the femur is also known as the thigh bone and it’s the longest bone in your body. It contains red and yellow bone marrow, this bone has a ball-and-socket joint. The femur is usually half of a person’s height. It may seem weird that just one bone could be one of the strongest things in your body, this bone is very important because it is the bone that usually  supports your body so that you can stand up, walk, or run. Yarezi Alverz said “ I can’t believe that knowing just one bone in our body could support our whole body, when we are doing some physical activities.”


Since the femur is the strongest bone in our body it is very hard to break or fracture. Unlike the collar bone which is the most common bone easily broken or fractured. It usually takes about 6-12 months for one femur to fully heal depending on the fracture, but if tobacco products are being consumed the healing process might take longer. “ I never knew that we had a femur bone, and that you can’t fracture it very easily.” said freshman Berenice Valencia.


A femur fracture is treated by getting it put in a cast. In rare cases traction maybe needed before casting which will take 2 weeks. During these 2 weeks the child must remain in bed. A  spica cast is used for about 8-12 weeks, a child may not be able to walk in this cast. When removing the cast it will take 3-4 weeks while the leg strengthens, a child under the age of 6 will need to ride in a stroller or be carried until they are stronger.


In conclusion, the femur is the strongest bone to break and supports you through your physical activities of your daily life.     

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Yaritza Mendez, Reporter

Yaritza Mendez is a freshman at Modesto High school. She likes to color, dance, and help others with their situations. Yaritza is a happy person all around...

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Fact of the week ( Femur)