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Sabrina Mean is a reporter at the Modesto High. Although, this is her first year with the Panther Press, she is very eager to learn more about what's going on around the school and want to incorporate her own ideas on how we can get more people to read the Panther Press. Even though, reading can be very tiring for lots of peoples, Sabrina makes sure to keep up with the daily news. The genre that she likes to read the most are mainly poetry books related because they help her understand the different concepts of as to why a person feels the way they do or how she relates to them on a daily basis. Sabrina's favorite poetry authors include Courtney Peppernell, Atticus Poetry, and Rupi Kaur. Other than being a nerd, Sabrina is a big fan of films. She watched over 100 different types of movies genre. One fun fact about her is that she watched over 30 movies this summer while binge watching a couple of her favorite shows! When asked to pick a favorite movie or TV shows, Sabrina will not hesitate to answer, "That's so hard to choose because there are so many amazing movies and TV shows that been produced by wonderful people all around the world." If she likes watching films, can you guess what else she loves doing? If you guess listening to music, then you guess correctly! Sabrina is a big fan of music besides being a big film fan. Just like watching different genre of movies and TV shows, Sabrina does the exact same thing to music. From old school music to today's hit is what you'll find Sabrina listening to!

Sabrina Mean, Reporter

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