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Ask Alexa – Boredom

By Lauren Byerly, Reporter

What should I watch on youtube when I’m bored? I feel like all the channels I watch are starting to get old.

– Anon

Hello Anon!

Youtube is a great way to alleviate boredom! Of course, the type of channels that you’re going to find interesting are going to depend on, well, your interests, so I’m not quite sure how to answer this question, but I’ll give it a shot!

I think these are the biggest categories of youtube channels:

  • Gaming
  • Lifestyle/beauty guru
  • Cooking
  • Reaction
  • Comedy
  • Educational
  • Memes
  • Travel

I, personally, do not like to watch all of these different types of channels (travel channels are really boring tbh) but I can recommend some from my favorite categories! If you’re really bored or stressed and need to check out for a bit, cooking videos are amazing. I find them to be really calming, especially because the people in them always seem so nice! Some popular channels include Bon Appetit and Tasty! I also think that reaction channels are pretty funny, especially when they mock super bad instagram comedians (Lele Pons). These channels include Danny Gonzales and Cody Ko. Finally, if you’re lookin for the dank memes, Bill Wurtz (remember the guy who did History of Japan and History of the Entire World I Guess?) is still cranking out funny stuff, so you can go check him out!

I hope this helped, and if you’re more interested in videos outside of those three categories, maybe ask some friends what they’ve been watching lately!

– Alexa

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Lauren Byerly, Reporter

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Ask Alexa – Boredom